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We offer you the platform that can manage your front end user base and back end dashboard system. Content data and leads of customer and call history of executive to engage executive efficiently. Save cost for IT resources, database management and to maintain customers lead effectively, manage missed call activity on customer care number and satisfy customers with auto reply sms after missed call. Access to send sms from the panel.

Brand awareness

Branding is endowing products and services with the power of a brand. It is the process of creating a strong, positive perception of a company, its products or services in the customer’s mind by combining such elements as logo, banner ,company advt. Effective branding helps companies differentiate themselves from their competitors and build a loyal customer base. We here at Krushiking help you to create your agriculture Brand , with help of our best application and publication support which works in the core field of agriculture. Our applications are trusted and used widely in rural as well as urbon farmers of maharashtra. It was increamentel booster in the trust as we are now part of Sakal Group standing side by side to brands like Sakal , Agrowon , Sam Tv and many more as our family is rapidly growing every day Join to our customerbase and put your enquiry now.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation module reduces the pressure on your sales team by covering all aspects of generating hot, validated leads for your business. You will get the lead information of clients which showed intrest in your add

Reports & real time analytics dashboard

Get real time call statistics on your inbound and outbound calls like agent on call, connectivity % , Converted leads, to boost employee productivity & Reports around lead status, follow-up schedule adherance, etc

App for Calls

Boost executive productivity by automating tasks such as calls, daily follow-ups, auto reply sms. Your executive can now spend more time nurturing quality leads

Amazing Features

Call and data management

Agrowon ADVT saves your customer leads and data on the most secure platform available presently

Campaign Analytics

Know how your campaign fared, the number of response you got and other related data

Increased Productivity

Boost executive productivity by automating tasks such as calls, daily follow-ups, auto reply sms

Report generation

Real time call statistics on your calls , connectivity % , Converted leads, to boost employee productivity

Instantly Reply SMS

Use automated reply sms service quick after customers missed call for product information

Minimal manual efforts involved

Handel maximum work in auto software which reduces manual efforts and minimizes bugs

Why it is the Best

Innovative digital services for business expansion. Now keep your app live for call and update call status with call history management service provided by Reformist.

  • App is supported with data handling with call management with call status update remark.
  • Missed call activity can be carried out on customer care number with segregation of leads generated from the activity.
  • Increase customer engagement in your products with reply sms and missed call activity.
  • This will increase your executives efficiency, provides best attention to your leads segregation and increase in conversion ration of customers as well as sort data as per requirement.
  • Integration of e-commerce modules, customer communication, SMS gateway, lead management, call history management on dashboard.
  • Save cost: IT resources, development, server charges, lead management, maintain customer data at one panel, multipurpose panel.

App ScreenShots

Innovative digital services for business expansion. Download Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Innovative digital services for business expansion. Now keep your app live with information feeds provided by Reformist.
  • 1. Whats is Agrowon ADVT?

    Agrowon ADVT is a software that helps in customer retention management that boost sales,a revenue booster.Agrowon ADVT reduces the manpower cost,an auto data handling software.

  • 2.How its Work?

    1.] Login to Dashboard
    2.] Create User
    3.] App download from playstore
    4.] Data Upload from dashboard
    5.] Calls from apps
    6.] Auto missed call lead on apps
    7.] Call status reflected on dashboard
    8.] Reports generated on Dashboard

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